Meet Uncle Vincent – Local Hero

Uncle Vincent has been living in Reiger Park for “donkeys years”, his experiences can be dated to the very transitions of political power in South Africa. Those differing changes also affected the conditions of life in Reiger Park.

He told us of a time during Apartheid of how residents were treated. Despite the prejudice of the colour of their skin – they were offered the services which gave Reiger Park a pride to live in. Bins and litter were cared for by the Council.

Today, as one drives into the community – uncut grass, rubbish flies around and large rubbish skips are positioned to where the children usually play. Now they play on the road making room for even more rubbish. Such is the stance of the Ekurhuleni Council has taken by associating these folks to being treated as rubbish.

Over 75% recorded as unemployed, and with high substance abuse people are left to fend for themselves – “hassle”, the term used to describe this survival outlook. Despite all the negativity we came to meet Uncle Vincent. He heard of our intentions to make Reiger Park a better place, he immediately offered his container. The container was once full of car parts – however on returning a week later – the place was cleaned out and ready for us to use.

#Ekurhuleni Council the people of Reiger Park are NOT animals and should be treated with dignity and respect. Uncle Vincent shows more care for his community than your career politicians. Uncle Vincent does not have much yet will provide what he has to make his community better – and you #Ekurhuleni Council who takes the people’s money to provide increases to self-worth while making Reiger Park worth-less!