Chowing the Money

Please dear government – instead of torturing and progressively bleeding the country dry of its assets, and mocking the country on the international platform. Why don’t you guys just clear its bank accounts and retire to Cuba or some socialistic state where your ideologies could be lived out.

Check to see how it works in reality than in theory. You see, the young are waiting for your entire generation to depart with its bitterness and anger, and love to see the pain revenged for what the Whites have done.

Love, unity and peace seems to be a foreign concept and that not of the culture in keeping of Baba Madiba. You lot are like ravenous wolves, you chow each other and you chow the rest of the country’s resources.

It’s clear that intelligence has a minority stakeholdership in your list of priorities for the love of money has consumed you. So expressing our issues wouldn’t matter for the poor has nothing to offer you except the vote… maybe they too would become smarter to see your game!