Is the DA dying?

Does the DA actually have a chance? One after another the leadership are dropping like flies. Have they come to the end of their journey? There is no longer a Zuma to blame or the pointing of incompetency, for they themselves have shown to be equally inadequate.

The DA was referred, during the leadership of Musi, to be a White party… and indeed it has shown its true colours. Once social reform at its herald cry to now LBGTI rights and minority issues. The people don’t have water, electricity, education and on it goes, but it’s new leader has decided that they would pursue lobbying for the minority issues – ignoring the plight of the many. Is it because they no longer are able to see or reach those in townships? Or could it be true that they are a White party?

Has the DA lost touch of the grassroots or have they ever understood it? One can see that their voices are now divided and in-fighting is leaving them no longer a strong opposition. The EFF, is very close behind them awaiting their position. So whilst they sleep walk through the wilderness as a lost voice, other parties are aspiring to take their place. Organisations like IVOTESA are being warmly welcomed as the hope and integrity of the common South African – not just minorities.

So are we waiting for the gravediggers to collect the DA or can we not watch the spiraling of the vultures encircle its carcass? The DA is dying and a few words of obituary and a moment of silence would be required for they did fight a good fight.