The State of our Neighbourhood – Ward73

Ward73, comprises of many influential people of whom are well educated, successful and have contributed a great deal to what distinguishes our ward as affluent. However, as you walk around our neighbourhood – it is slowly beginning to look like a neglected unrepresented constituency of uncivilised residents with rubbish along the pavements, potholes, and manhole covers missing on the roads and on pavements – making it a precarious obstacle course.

The pavements are dug up to create enormous craters hit not by meteors but by reckless workers who have no considerations for pedestrians nor residents. There are no screens to cordon-off the debris, let alone any health and safety warning signs. Do we still have safety inspectors in the new South Africa?

Whether you agree with me or not, I blame the Ward’s leadership. When there is a ‘free for all’ what do you expect? When no-one respects the leaders of a Ward, this is what you get? If you are of the “blind-faith camp” in protecting incompetency because it’s your party – so it would be expected of you to think this is utopia. We see clearly that you are destroying this affluent neighbourhood.