South Africa already a national disaster before COVID-19

Yesterday the President declared the country as a national disaster. Mr Ramaphosa eloquently articulated the consequences of the COVID-19 virus. Despite the logical and common-sense approach we see a failure to understand the plight of our people in townships.

It is recommended that interaction is at 6ft apart, handshakes to be replaced by an elbow touch. Most essentially that the washing of hands for 20 seconds on a regular basis is encouraged to stopping the spread of the virus.

Alas, Mr President through issues of poverty, some live in homes surrounded by neighbours in less than 2ft. The Ugu Region on the South Coast have watched their town destroyed by alleged negligence of the local municipality, many are left without clean water.

The state of the Nation was already a disaster. Now with COVID-19 the issues are acutely life-threatening, and we don’t believe you actually are able to truthfully know the numbers infected for to undergo a test would cost approximately R1200 per person and if you hadn’t noticed it is an average of two-weeks’ income despite your delusional minimum wage.

So definitely the stats on victims affected by the government far outweigh the COVID-19. You have placed many of our people in dire straits and without consideration for their welfare.