“Stop calling for SOCIAL distancing”

Everyone is saying that we should have social distancing – this goes against our community dynamics and further divides our already divided country. Instead of calling it “social distancing”, rather refer to it as “physical distancing” for this would be more appropriate as all that is going on in the country and the issues we face – we need each other and not to have social interactions is an absurdity.

Serving our community

We should never show prejudice to anyone’s illness, in doing so would be disrespecting, degrading for something that is beyond their ability to control. This COVID-19 virus is nasty for it’s turning us to selfish and self-centered people. Everyone wants to be prepared and that we are doing so without the consideration of another.

There is a growing taboo on anyone sneezing, coughing or showing any common signs of illness. We know that this is impossible in cases of hay-fever or the common cold, and now we are frowning upon such natural seasons of life; believing anyone showing any signs of Corona is a threat to your “sterile” life.

We must be courteous and kind in showing love to our neighbour – therefore as a gesture of love, IVOTESA, has gone into the community of Orange Grove to provide liquid soap to the unemployed. As the country stockpiles, there are the marginalised who are isolated, cut-off, and unable to purchase or stockpile. Many a times, they would go to the shops with little in their pockets only to find the shelves empty. In their desperation, there are the opportunists using the coronavirus crisis to hike up their profits without any consideration for the poor or needy.

Soap is only a small gesture, of now a very basic necessity. We are only as clean as our weakest neighbour. Let’s strengthen everyone around us at this time.
IVOTESA is looking for any donation of soap and cleaning products for us to distribute. We are also looking for volunteers willing to serve our community.