Apartheid to blame for COVID-19???

Have you walked down the streets of Alexandra or similar townships that the luxury of having your neighbour at bay of 2m is only for the rich? Twenty plus years ago should have prepared our greatest commodity – that being our labour force with better homes and services. South Africans living in townships will be worst affected with cramped taxis and taxi ranks with no choice for the commuters to be placed like pawns for a battle.

Many have a poor nutrimental diet with high starch meals, very little fresh fruit and vegetables. We should be heartbroken as a majority of our people are put to be sacrificed by this pandemic. Much of what has been advised by the government is the washing of hands and social distancing.  However, it must have been twenty years or so since our celebrity politicians visited the townships to realise that some don’t have clean running water nor physically able to distance themselves due to the cramp living conditions.

During the SONA and private functions we see our millionaire politicians who made their wealth after coming to office. It is only a handful of whom actually built their wealth from their ingenuity, yet they have forgotten the plight of our people. Apartheid has been the scapegoat for much of what is wrong with our country today however regrettably Corona sees no colour nor past… and it is coming for our people!

SONA 2020