Who is really in-charge?

Corona-virus has shown us a side of our government not often seen, with decisive leadership, strategy and responsiveness. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has definitely set the guidelines to efficiency, and such executions of directives were also followed nationally and internationally. So, when it comes to giving credit we must thank the WHO for the mobilisation of our leaders which otherwise would have been an impossible task.

The advice cascaded shows of foreign intervention, for in relaying the directives our leaders had not filtered the message, for they well know that much of our population live in areas which poses serious difficulties in social i.e. physical distancing and many don’t have clean water. 

Much of our population are without decent health care. Most people are afraid of government hospitals – under-staffed, lack of equipment and in one instance literally monkeys entered into a ward. The number of anecdotal events, where wrong medication and extreme delayed response in seeing a physician, have always been the norm. Last year video footage of an old grandma tied to the reception room chairs made headlines. Any healthcare system would be welcomed here in SA, however ours is not actually a system, for what system do chaos reign and bureaucracy shield the privileged incompetent?

Given that much of the population are uneducated the system works against them in this fast-flowing speed of fibre yet dial-up is the mode for the many, now faced with austerity. We need to look after our masses or else one day the barrier of class-status and the divides of rich and poor will burst-forth bring the entire system with it.