Coronavirus brings Service Delivery to South Africa!

South Africans love good things, we love to spend more than what we earn. Many of our homes and lifestyles are filled with possessions owned by the banks. Alas, the banks have none of the securities/regulating bodies that Western economies have to protect the poor. This pattern of economics in spending more than one has or can “afford” is not limited to the microeconomics of households, for the disease permeates to the very heart of our country’s macroeconomics.

Our leaders of South Africa have set a precedent of lavishness and indulgence of the people’s wealth. They portray the subliminal message that achieving good things is an entitled right to life if you get to public office. We, the people see their selfishness, self-centred and ego-centric ambitions to hoard positions of power for the manipulation of their aspirations rather than the peoples’ basic needs.

Only if the people of the townships and rural households would open their eyes to the reality. Similarly, to the Apartheid government who wanted its people, the majority, uneducated and caught-up in serving their masters, as there would be no room to get the masses out of poverty. So instead of the peoples’ promotion to at least the working class – they are sold a dream unable to ever achieve. A dream of prosperity that can be achieved only by stealing and coveting.

The people are not stupid – they are loyal for their allegiance have now been trained from the common cause of freedom from tyranny, to the ideology of “prostitution” where we now sell that “vote” to the highest bidder… and it is not that expensive. The people are so desperate that a food hamper with a T-shirt usually does the trick. Would it work again? Or have the eyes of our people finally opened?

Now we have Coronavirus to thank – had it not jeopardized the comfort of power seats in the country the people would forever be forgotten. We thank God that Coronavirus has brought running water, sanitation and no load-shedding.  At last! … Freedom arrives again but always at the expense of the martyrs’ blood; for a many will die because of the very basic services of “physical distancing” are impossible to now make right. 

I feel for my brothers and sisters in Alex and Khayekitsha, both townships are very close to our major economic power houses yet though that may be true – our leaders forsake to see the Power in the People! Amandla Awethu.