Local is Best


IVOTESA initiative, a love stimulus for our local economy.

Across the country, public events are cancelled, shops and restaurants have shut down, and workers were sent home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This reduction in commerce is necessary as a public health response to the virus, but its adverse effects are already rippling through our local economy — and will likely worsen in the coming weeks and months.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has already mentioned that, “It will have a huge impact on travel, negative impact on our economy which we all know is in a very precarious situation”. It is for this reason we as a community need to stand together in support of our local businesses. In response, I have launched a campaign called, “Local is Best”.

Naturally we all can appreciate the financial adverse consequences affecting our local businesses. We have designed a number of campaigns to assist our business community. If you are a business owner in Killarney, Houghton, Norwood, Orange Grove, Fellside and surrounding areas – do get in touch, as we aim to provide you the media representation you so deserve when you get back to business. Our communities need to realise why local is best, especially life after the pandemic.

What is Local is Best?

Local is Best is a conscience effort by the community to making the decision to buy from a local business instead of going to a large retailer. It is also the understanding that the local business would appreciate that loyalty with reciprocating the consumer with a service which is unlike that of the large retailers. The businesses would vouch never to exploit the relationship in giving less than the value.

Why is it better to shop locally?

§  We refer to this as the love stimulus for evidently local businesses do not have the buying power of large retailers but do have the appreciation for their support. 

§  When we purchase at locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in the community because locally owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. 

How do I get people to shop locally?

§  Directory – Exposure and media coverage of what our community has to offer therefore we will create an exclusive (not exhaustive) listing of reputable businesses.

§  “Local is Best” stickers – Brand recognition amongst the community to be displayed on shop fronts. 

§  Vouchers – to be provided as giftcards.

§  Loyalty Cards – recording of reward points for regular customers with percentage of discount.

Why are shops closing?

§  Tenants having to pay high overheads and ever-increasing utilities bills creating a choke on the feasibility of local businesses. 

§  We need to encourage landlords to be fair and to look after their buildings so that our community looks well maintained. 

We can also support a small business without having to buy anything?

§  Write a Review – Telling others about a great experience we have had at a small business – this is a huge way to support them.

§  Likes, Comments & Shares – Social media is so important to small businesses, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

§  Send them a message thanking them.