Maybe South Africa is in possession of a money tree?

South Africa has for more than twenty years struggled with balancing an economy, low levels of education and high unemployment. There are statistics of approximately more than 7 million people go to bed without food every night. The government has been the ruling party since its freedom in 1994. Inefficient and ineffective government bureaucracy, restrictive labour regulations and a shortage of skilled workers as many leave to work abroad. 

With notably high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes compare to most countries, South Africa seem to have turned a blind eye to the many issues the country faces.  I personally have requested crime statistics from my local police station and was told that these statistics were not “available” to the general public – so much for transparency in a democratic society.  In recent months prior to Coronavirus, South Africa’s economy appeared wounded and awaiting the vultures – as SAA, Eskom and other National entities all showed the similar characteristics of poor management. 

The only stability and guarantee South Africa has, during the current constant changes, are the inefficiency of those managing the country’s resources. Miraculously, amongst the many commodities – South Africa has grown its own money tree – for how else could we account for the R500 billion once off stimulus into social and economic support package at a time when there has been the greatest lack of productivity the country has ever experienced due to the COVID-19. Yet we now see more has been provided for the population to do “nothing”. This is not a hand-up just another spirit of entitlement. 

There are statistics which show that only 31% of the population pay tax. So, in light to the country’s financial delinquency to provide “free” money is not a socialistic outreach but one which means we now have a money tree, or we are going to hit serious rock bottom in the coming months. Where did this money come from? Are we selling off our country one bit at a time until the entire country is swallowed at the hands of the cursed?

The future generations of South Africans would look back and not see great men of sacrifice, instead history will show that they cared only for themselves. There is no shame in that, posing as socialist and manifesting capitalistic tendencies are but a shame!