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SA Medical System is similar to a Ponzi Scheme!

Discovery, Sanlam just to name a few offers schemes for a medical cover (whatever that means). For then there is an unregulated batch of “opportunists” named “doctors” who could charge willy-nilly so if the illness doesn’t finish you off – your medical bill will.

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The Taxis Would Be Transporting More Than Just Passengers…

Now despite the Transport Minister’s precautionary measures would it not be ridiculous to assume that he is placing the great many at risk being sat in a taxi? Would the government be accountable to the lives of those they are placing now in harm’s way? How do you practise a 2-metre physical distancing in a taxi?

Lockdown means lockdown, and the dilution of the President’s speech to the actions of the Transport Minister merely adds confusion to the efforts to contain the virus. Whether it is a full, large or small load, it is a health hazard.

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Coronavirus brings Service Delivery to South Africa!

We have Coronavirus to thank – had it not jeopardized the comfort of power seats in the country the people would forever be forgotten. We thank God that Coronavirus has brought running water, sanitation and no load-shedding. At last! … Freedom arrives again but always at the expense of the martyrs’ blood; for a many will die because of the very basic services of “physical distancing” are impossible to now make right.

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Who is really in-charge?

Corona-virus has shown us a side of our government not often seen, with decisive leadership, strategy and responsiveness. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has definitely set the guidelines to efficiency, and such executions of directives were also followed nationally and internationally. So, when it comes to giving credit we must thank the WHO for the mobilisation of our leaders which otherwise would have been an impossible task.

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People are Panicking 🤷🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

Should we be panicking, stockpiling and confessing our sins so to prepare for the “Corona”? Whatever one’s perspective of the afterlife – one can’t hide the high-emotions of dying. Twenty-one days of being at home would prove much, for these are times when we are demanded to behave for the greater good. So whether you are naughty or nice – one now has to conform as subordinates.

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“Stop calling for SOCIAL distancing”

We should never show prejudice to anyone’s illness, in doing so would be disrespecting, degrading for something that is beyond their ability to control. This COVID-19 virus is nasty for it’s turning us to selfish and self-centered people. Everyone wants to be prepared and that we are doing so without the consideration of another.

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The State of our Neighbourhood – Ward73

Whether you agree with me or not, I blame the Ward’s leadership. When there is a ‘free for all’ what do you expect? When no-one respects the leaders of a Ward, this is what you get? If you are of the blind-faith camp in protecting incompetency because it’s your party- so it would be expected of you to think this is utopia. We see clearly that you are destroying this affluent neighbourhood.

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