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Apartheid to blame for COVID-19???

Apartheid has been the scapegoat for much of what is wrong with our country today however regrettably Corona sees no colour nor past… and it is coming for our people

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Racial Discrimination in Housing impacts Health & Wealth

The effects of the Wealth distribution can also be traced to the location a person resides and sure enough that place can be identified as predominately residence of a particular race. Dependent on the race and class will have direct effect upon the unequal access to education, employment, transportation and accommodation. This exposes communities of colour disproportionately to environmental hazards and areas likely to experience anti-social behaviour.

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Free and Still Disadvantaged

Maybe it has to do with equal opportunities – but we know theoretically that our Constitution so well written as definitely ensured that section 9 clearly states in that: “Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. Every person is therefore entitled to equal treatment by our courts. No one

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Why Are we not Free?

What has happened to the aspirations of Madiba’s vision? How is it possible that in such a short period of time, after we had vowed never to return to the land labelled by racial identity and yet the very reality and tragedy of our present is having to address the racial tension which is dividing our country?

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Upper Houghton Estate fearful of the lower classes?

Apartheid was the segregation of people groups based upon the colour of their skin. However I believe it is still alive and kicking in an evolved state. Therefore even in a “non-apartheid” era many are still having things soft – in 2006, it was noted that twenty years on 70% of the land is owned by Whites. Whites make up approximately 4.5 to 5 million, or nearly 9% of South Africa’s population.

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Don’t Incite Hatred to our Youth on this Youth Day!

I have recently come to realise that this notion is true and that some parents, teachers, political influencers and leaders in our communities are irresponsible by teaching our youths to hate and continue the struggle.

EFF and Zuma’s Cabinet are contributors to this ideology and a need to grow-up. The EFF are wearing red overalls and berets yet driving the latest German engineering (Grow up!). It is not anyone’s time, it is our country and it’s our time to act responsibly. Stop those in authority preaching their political prejudices by brainwashing our youths!

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