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Is Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Working?

BEE or Black Economic Empowerment is a tool employed by the South African government supposedly to address the racial injustices of the past and to also redress the economic imbalances created by South Africas past apartheid system. The other organisations which participated in this alliance included the allies of the ANC, the South African Indian Congress, the South African Congress

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Dear Rt Hon “Freedom” Fighter, Politician, Civil Servant, and Gravy-Train Passenger.

Take for example my childhood town in Port Shepstone, I have fond memories of a steam engine train called the “Banana Express”. The train used to take tourists along the beautiful south coast boasting the manicured gardens, well kept public pools and lovely little shops. However once the “freedom” fighters got into power they have turned this garden of a site liken to a dump -yard and constant complaining of the abuses of the “whites’ yet they are willing to watch their town deteriorate so long as their household income is not affected by the plague they are causing.

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Politics in South Africa today is devoid of political content.

Driving from the international airport, I was struck by the sheer wretchedness of Cape Flats: the series of black townships, comprising mostly shacks with corrugated steel roofs, that stretch from the highway almost to the horizon. Few people — tourists or locals — want to talk about the Cape Flats. But there is no better starting point for a discussion

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Jurassic Politicians should be put in the Apartheid Museum!

…many of the “Jurassic Politicians” are yet fighting against injustice and awaiting retribution even twenty years gone by, they seem to have been short-changed to the towering giants of the ruling “fat cats”. As they watch in envy, their comrades sitting on the gravy train whilst they watch and applaud shouting, “Amandla Iwetto” on the side-lines.

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South Africa is going back to its Apartheid Days

In this blog I would like to express my sincerely disgust to the comments of Mzwanele Jimmy Manyi, the President of Progressive Professionals Forum. He recently commented that Affirmative Action policies should be revised to exclude White women, Indian men and women, as they are already empowered. He says both coloured and black women need to be prioritised… Prioritised?

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Don’t Incite Hatred to our Youth on this Youth Day!

I have recently come to realise that this notion is true and that some parents, teachers, political influencers and leaders in our communities are irresponsible by teaching our youths to hate and continue the struggle.

EFF and Zuma’s Cabinet are contributors to this ideology and a need to grow-up. The EFF are wearing red overalls and berets yet driving the latest German engineering (Grow up!). It is not anyone’s time, it is our country and it’s our time to act responsibly. Stop those in authority preaching their political prejudices by brainwashing our youths!

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