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Who is really in-charge?

Corona-virus has shown us a side of our government not often seen, with decisive leadership, strategy and responsiveness. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has definitely set the guidelines to efficiency, and such executions of directives were also followed nationally and internationally. So, when it comes to giving credit we must thank the WHO for the mobilisation of our leaders which otherwise would have been an impossible task.

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“Stop calling for SOCIAL distancing”

We should never show prejudice to anyone’s illness, in doing so would be disrespecting, degrading for something that is beyond their ability to control. This COVID-19 virus is nasty for it’s turning us to selfish and self-centered people. Everyone wants to be prepared and that we are doing so without the consideration of another.

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I am an African man with an Indian face

It is such, that because of my Indian face and my dark skin, that my bloodline can only be traced back back to the immigrant intake of 1860 when Indentured Indian labourers were brought by the British, to plant sugar cane in the region I grew up in . Am I faceless a number? To a government who once insisted it was going to help change the past and build a better future. But it didn’t! Twenty years free, and yet we are not free, not in any sense. Apartheid is a malicious word from a futile past, but how it still haunts our present.

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