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What are we becoming?

We once knew the difference between a hero and a celebrity. We once applauded that which was for decency and knowing the difference between right and wrong. We once respected those living to make our world a better place.

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Communities Fearful to Love

My childhood has been filled with uncles, aunties, grandparents and the extended family. Technically everyone was considered family – the butcher, the baker and even the candlestick maker – everyone was to be addressed as an uncle or an aunt. If we were to be found misbehaving in public – it was the community’s ‘right’ to discipline us.

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COVID-19 is not just killing people, it is killing “god”

I’m calling the religious leaders of all faiths to seek truth. To take a lead rather than being led. How is that which is spiritual is now afraid of that which is physical? How is it that which preached hope are now hiding under their beds? I’m a Christian and we have not seen our leaders take any leadership from Jesus but the words on their lips are from Cyril… What’s your god saying to you at this time?… Or has he died too?

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Maybe South Africa is in possession of a money tree?

There are statistics which show that only 31% of the population pay tax. So, in light to the country’s financial delinquency to provide “free” money is not a socialistic outreach but one which means we now have a money tree, or we are going to hit serious rock bottom in the coming months. Where did this money come from? Are we selling off our country one bit at a time until the entire country is swallowed at the hands of the cursed?

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Did SA Lockdown too Early?

Sweden uses science and evidence to implement a different strategy, a lone voice in fighting COVID-19. However, Austria, Denmark and Norway and amongst others are also now lifting the lockdown… No not us… we let others think for us. Look at the protest in Michigan, US, the people are not having it – “We will not comply!” – they realise their civil liberties are at sake – wake up South Africa!

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The Taxis Would Be Transporting More Than Just Passengers…

Now despite the Transport Minister’s precautionary measures would it not be ridiculous to assume that he is placing the great many at risk being sat in a taxi? Would the government be accountable to the lives of those they are placing now in harm’s way? How do you practise a 2-metre physical distancing in a taxi?

Lockdown means lockdown, and the dilution of the President’s speech to the actions of the Transport Minister merely adds confusion to the efforts to contain the virus. Whether it is a full, large or small load, it is a health hazard.

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