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What are we becoming?

We once knew the difference between a hero and a celebrity. We once applauded that which was for decency and knowing the difference between right and wrong. We once respected those living to make our world a better place.

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Chowing the Money

Please dear government – instead of torturing and progressively bleeding the country dry of its assets, and mocking the country on the international platform. Why don’t you guys just clear its bank accounts and retire to Cuba or some socialistic state where your ideologies could be lived out.

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A Picture from my day!

On a busy main road this morning I happened to see a common site most South Africans would, to that are the beggars at the traffic junctions. However, I must admit this was my first time witnessing such a desperate and reckless beggar on his knees on a very busy motorway junction.

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Are these the acts of students or barbarians?

I supported the #feesmustfall protest, I particularly respected the manner in which it was conducted – encompassing the diversity from varying backgrounds and the negotiations which led to reform. However, I believe that many are now attempting to boycott this type of “protest vehicle” and use it to the furtherance of their political agenda. A specific political party (to which I will refrain from mentioning) is using the students as mere pawns.

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