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University of KwaZulu-Natal…Get an Education!

University of KwaZulu-Natal’s (#UKZN’s) Edgewood Campus and Howards Campus. You have a great task ahead of yourselves. Do you rebuild and educate the nation beyond the theory? So to show better academia and not merely a qualification factory so that your students respect you and honour our country? Or do us a favour and please shut your doors so that your students’ behaviour is not the school of destruction imitating throughout the country.

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Making Crooks Celebrities

Many a time we are so focused on the material possession that we fail to ask the simple question: “But you are a Councillor, a civil servant – how is it that you could afford such a vehicle?” As a kid, I remember my mum seeing that I was chewing a sweet so she enquired where I got it from? Sheepishly I made up a story – after much of a beating and interrogating I confessed I stole it!

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BEWARE of Cowboy Builders!!! “Jack of all trades and master of none”

Tradesmen are all not the same but trust me if they see blood they are coming for the kill. Here are some practical solutions to avoid heartaches:
…. Make sure you don’t settle your final price on an estimate, as they will be sure to increase it…..Together we all can narrow this open market of “cowboys” so that they are no business for monkey business!

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