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Should the 1913 cut off-date for land claims be changed to the 1800s?

In support of black empowerment, South Africa reopened its land claim process in June 2014 after closing it at the end of 1998, giving land claimants another five years to lodge claims. Any person or community dispossessed of land rights after 19 June 1913 as a result of racially discriminatory practices are able to lodge a claim to restore such a right or receive compensation by 30 June 2019.

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Barclays loses faith in Africa?

However I believe that the real reason for this response was due to Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa who recently changed his finance minister three times in less than a week. Such a move at a time when the country’s economy is under-performing has hit the confidence levels of investors in the country.

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What you will NOT hear at the “State of the Nation” Speech

We are thinking that foreigners will save our economy – not true! They will exploit our lands and take our bounty… When would our Bantu people learn that they are short changing the sons and daughters of this land… Wise up! For this is the “State of the Nation”, and Zuma with all his gang from all parties today will give you a good show and trade you shiny objects in exchange of your land and soul – just like the Dutch had done when Jan Van Riebeck and his Investors came.

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South Africa is for Sale?

Left, right and center – corrupt government officials are raping South Africa whilst we place our hand on heart – singing, Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika. If the price is right they too could arrange a meeting for you – We need to stop these Pimps in government before it’s too late!!

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Seducing Voters results in Political Whores leading!

Many vote for the ANC not because of Jacob Zuma or others but because they appreciate the party which sacrificed so much to bring them to freedom. The nation’s father, Madiba is also the reason many vote ANC but when the people begin to realise that its own government is robbing them.

This would be considered to be betrayal. South Africa is on a time bomb and the people of South Africa are a passionate, patriotic people who I believe will soon revolt against the abuses Zuma’s government and restore the ANC to the ideologies of the true revolutionaries gone-by! Amandla Awethu!

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Zuma’s Government is in breach of foundational values of our constitutional democracy

Jacob Zuma and his administration are in breach of the South African Constitution. To which he must step-down or be removed. The current administration is sabotaging the economy, infrastructure and alienating South Africa from the Western countries – to aligning us with Communistic countries such as Russia and China. Putin+Zuma+Mar+26+2013Instead of promoting peace, good governance and to build a sustainable economic stability. We as a country are are losing the confidence of the international community and potential/current investors. As the President of South Africa, Zuma should realise that at the heart of the observance of the rule of law, which the Constitutional Court of South Africa

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