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#HoughtonEstate Residents United.

We live in a very unique place on earth. It’s rich with heritage, culture and traditions which have come to define this gem in Johannesburg. Beautiful gardens, mansions and architecture boast the golden years of this magnificent living relict.

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People are Panicking 🤷🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

Should we be panicking, stockpiling and confessing our sins so to prepare for the “Corona”? Whatever one’s perspective of the afterlife – one can’t hide the high-emotions of dying. Twenty-one days of being at home would prove much, for these are times when we are demanded to behave for the greater good. So whether you are naughty or nice – one now has to conform as subordinates.

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A Picture from my day!

On a busy main road this morning I happened to see a common site most South Africans would, to that are the beggars at the traffic junctions. However, I must admit this was my first time witnessing such a desperate and reckless beggar on his knees on a very busy motorway junction.

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