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Dear His Excellency the President of South Africa

Sir, when people say that you are single-handedly destroying this country – I say nonsense, if you get to see what millions see every day of the incompetent staff at the utility companies, lazy councillors and those who think too highly of themselves trying to re-enact the accusations you were charged now rubbishing your legacy of invincibility.

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Port Shepstone is for Sale!

I’ve just returned for a brief visit recently and to witness how my beloved Port Shepstone now lies in ruins – ethically and socially. She is being raped and abused by her leadership. Those entrusted to care for savage beaches, beautiful landscapes and her treasures have gone mad.

So many residents complain about their Councillors, the bribery, corruption by brokering deals which are for self-interest rather than the greater good of the community. I’m told that much of the leadership is so blinded for self-gain that they have not actually stopped for a moment to see how a vibrant pretty boutique town is turning into a cheap derelict place.

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