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We are tired of your politics!

Voting is a massive responsibility not to be taken lightly. Now I am sure most people would say, such a situation would never happen but in history it actually did…’one vote is what made Adolf Hitler the President of the Nazi party.’ So, we should never believe our votes don’t carry weight and that our votes are not important.

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Why Are we not Free?

What has happened to the aspirations of Madiba’s vision? How is it possible that in such a short period of time, after we had vowed never to return to the land labelled by racial identity and yet the very reality and tragedy of our present is having to address the racial tension which is dividing our country?

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South Africa is Doomed …the end of our freedom is Nigh!

Mugabe has destroyed his country, what was once called, “the breadbasket of Africa” to what now lies in poverty; he has killed his people and chased-off the “whites”. Many South Africans have their share of the cake for now but slowly and gradually laws are being used to constrain us as a people until we are eating the crumbs of Zuma’s table – and from a free people, to become slaves again as our identity will be overshadowed by the Dictators of Africa.

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