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The Taxis Would Be Transporting More Than Just Passengers…

Now despite the Transport Minister’s precautionary measures would it not be ridiculous to assume that he is placing the great many at risk being sat in a taxi? Would the government be accountable to the lives of those they are placing now in harm’s way? How do you practise a 2-metre physical distancing in a taxi?

Lockdown means lockdown, and the dilution of the President’s speech to the actions of the Transport Minister merely adds confusion to the efforts to contain the virus. Whether it is a full, large or small load, it is a health hazard.

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Who is really in-charge?

Corona-virus has shown us a side of our government not often seen, with decisive leadership, strategy and responsiveness. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has definitely set the guidelines to efficiency, and such executions of directives were also followed nationally and internationally. So, when it comes to giving credit we must thank the WHO for the mobilisation of our leaders which otherwise would have been an impossible task.

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